What happens when a young girl is abruptly taken away from everyone and everything she knows?When the comforts of a bayou home are pulled from under the feet of young Rahab Auguste, she must rise above and face the challenges on the streets of the South Bronx. Discovering family secrets withheld from her, Rahab embarks on a journey down a path she never saw coming, with a mother she never knew.I Am Rahab: A Novel - Part 1 is a coming-of-age tale cleverly depicting the biblical account of Rahab the prostitute before the fall of Jericho as told through the present day story of Rahab Auguste. This multi-generational fictional story is the first in a three-part series chronicling the life of Rahab as she discovers the truth about life, the pain of death, and the meaning of survival.Life rotates in cycles, and if you’re not careful you can end up on a road not meant for you to travel. For a young girl plagued by her family's past, her path is just beginning.
The streets of the South Bronx rise to meet a Louisiana bred Creole named, Rahab Auguste. With no official introductions, Rahab is instantly tossed into the chaos of her new home. Her stepfather holds a cruel vendetta against her that leads to abuse. While her mother, addicted to alcohol and holding on to the past depends on Rahab, who can't seem to fit in amongst her peers to rescue her from her responsibilities.A ray of hope shines through the cracks of the concrete jungle when Rahab befriends Lydia and finds escape in teenage companionship as well as freedom through the music and dance of the popular 80s culture.I Am Rahab: A Novel - Part 2 is the coming-of-age tale of Rahab Auguste who barely escapes adolescence and emerges as a young woman full of shame, fear, and distrust.When life screams die...Rahab turns up the music to dance!
Rahab never saw herself as a prostitute but on the brink of poverty, she journeys down a path that twists her arm towards it. Jeremy Cole enters Rahab's life, flaunting success and persuades her into a life of sex, drugs, money, and fame. In spite of success, Rahab’s soul cries for freedom. The land of milk and honey isn't what it’s cracked up to be. Jeremy uses her talents for his own gain and threatens to tear her family apart. What compels a woman to betray the man who has provided her fame, fortune, and stability?I Am Rahab: A Novel Part 3 is a multi-generational fictional journey mimicking the biblical account of Rahab the Harlot. Set against the urban landscape of the bustling Boroughs of New York City and reflective of the popular mid-eighties and nineties culture; this coming of age tale will leave you breathless!When life throws the great-granddaughter of a voodoo priestess the ultimate storm, how will she respond?
Finding God in the Kitchen: Christ and Cake, a superbly creative comparison book on one's walk with Christ and following the basic stages of a cake recipe. In this book, the author shows us how God is the master baker, taking pride and precise care in creating His wonderfully made finished product, the human race.The master baker is "baking up" a multi-layered cake…..generation after generation.We as the human race are like a masterfully arranged cake, one layer after the other of grace, mercy, and love. Have we ruined the master's cake by allowing a filling oozing with corruption and sin between our layers?Finding God in the Kitchen: Christ and Cake is a compelling Christian read on following God's purposeful recipe for His perfect outcome- you.This book also includes a bonus of the author's favorite cake recipes.